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Welcome to Definitive Media

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CD Duplication

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With years of experience and the very latest technology, we offer cost effective and efficient services that cover every aspect of DVD, Blu-ray or CD Duplication and replication, plus a wide selection of Promotional UBS Drives with full duplication and print facilities. As part of our comprehensive service we can provide packaging, mail-out, point-of-sale production, large print, vinyl graphics and much more, such as corporate video, outlined in the showreel below.

DVD and CD duplication is perfectly suited to small runs or orders that require a fast turnaround and each disc can be printed in full colour with your artwork prior to the CD duplication process. This method uses a straightforward disc-to-disc method of copying using your supplied disc as a master. This disc is loaded into one of our duplicators and your printed (but still blank) discs are fed in automatically and the DVD or CD duplication takes place.

If you need a larger quantity, then you should consider CD, Blu-ray or DVD replication. Usually considered for orders over 1000, DVD Replication uses the initial raw materials to create discs from scratch. Basically, we create a glass master from the disc you provide and this becomes the template for stamping an exact replica into a polycarbonate base. The discs are then coated with a super-thin aluminium coating to reflect the laser and lacquered to protect this layer from scratches and scuffs, and then the upside of your disc can be printed in full colour. CD and DVD replication gives a professional result that is of the same type and quality as any mass produced retail disc, with your data physically imprinted into the surface, rather than burned on as with CD duplication.

Whoever you are – from an independent musician or artist to a huge multinational or advertising agency, at Definitive Media we believe in providing the best service to each and every client, large or small. We only supply the best quality products from top brands like JVC, Samsung and Toshiba, and we’re ideally located to deliver your projects to you as quickly as possible.

To promote your services, or your new CDs, take a look through our products section and you’ll find a wide selection of items, from T-shirts, mugs and umbrellas, to the latest mouse mats, eco-products and promotional USB drives. Increasingly popular, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of promotional USB drives demanded by our clients. Of all the promo items, you can guarantee that they’ll be put to use, and your branding will linger on someone’s desk, in their laptop case or stuck in the top of their PC for a long time to come. We have a huge stock of promotional USB drives – from slick and modern to novelty shapes and even eco-friendly wood and paper ones.

Browse our site now for CD duplication, DVD replication and promotional USB drives to mention just a few; then call us to discuss your needs on 07519 540 774 or click one of the many ‘Quote Now’ buttons for a quick and easy response.

CALL 08450 506 312 or 07519 540 774 FOR INFO & QUOTES

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