Promo Products

Promotional products play an increasingly important and successful role in the marketing mix of many businesses. Often they form part of long-term strategies, complementing ad campaigns or direct mail shots – but all the time, establishing and reinforcing brand identity.

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Promotional products often have to meet an immediate need - a presentation, a conference, an exhibition, sometimes within days, which is why there are three things you need in your promotional items partner: -

1. To deliver real value for money and to match budgets.
2. To supply a comprehensive range of top quality items printed to your exact specifications.
3. To supply those items precisely when you require them - even if it is later the same week.

Trust us with your brand and whatever the item, you will have the perfect way of promoting your business.

USB Drives

USB drives are now a popular and cost effective solution for distributing information on company products, services and brands to clients or employees. They add value to promotional or retail distribution of music, screen savers, and interactive content and help to improve label/brand awareness, a crucial element when trying to improve sales.

Small, lightweight and durable, branded USB drives increase awareness and promote your company, and because USB drives deliver a high perceived value and are re-usable, your company will remain at the forefront of people’s minds.

USB drives can be branded using 4-colour CMYK, Domed resin labeling or Diamond engraving.

Clients can select from USB1.0 and USB 2.0 with a range of memory capacities: (64mb, 128mb, 256mb, and 512mb, 1gb, 2gb, 4gb and 8gb).

All our products are manufactured under strict quality guidelines at approved facilities. We only use the highest quality components, from companies such as Samsung and Toshiba.

Definitive Media stock a huge range of USB drives, from sleek designs to eco-friendly and novelty shapes. Below is just a small selection of what we offer:

Diamond Engraving

Domed Resin Labeling

Eco USBs (Recycled cardboard and wooden USBs)

Novelty Mouldings

Plus Many Others

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T-shirts & Sweatshirts

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Baseball Caps

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Golfing Accessories

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Stress Toys

Stress Toys are the third most popular corporate gift in the UK .They are normally made from polyurethane foam using an injection moulding process involving the mixing of two liquids to form a polymer with bubbles trapped inside.

They can have a therapeutic effect on the user and are considered by some physiotherapists to be a useful aid in avoiding ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI which can come about from constant keyboard use.

There are hundreds if not thousands of designs to choose from so please ask us to send images of any design you have in mind or seen elsewhere. You can create your own bespoke design if the quantity is large enough (2000 units minimum order quantity).

Stress Toys are a great promotional gift to give your client as your name and branding stay I view all year around - you are never 'Out of sight' or 'Out of mind'!!

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MP3 Players, Mp4 Players

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Digital Photo Frames

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Bespoke Packaging

Bespoke innovative packaging tailored to your needs, produced from a wide variety of materials, from wood and cardboard (eco-friendly) to aluminium, leather, acrylic and plastic. Our staff are here to help guide you to you perfect packaging solution.

Here is just a small selection of what we offer:

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The Biz-Card is the same size and shape as a business card. It is a lightweight, durable, innovative communication tool able to contain all the information that a potential customer needs, from contact details to your product portfolio.

CD/DVD Biz-Cards can hold a large amount of information (CD - 50 mb, DVD - 330 mb), can be self-loading and run on virtually any PC / MAC. Use them for your company presentation, product catalogue, direct marketing, information brochure, software or game demo, music or film promotion, to advertise your website, distribute annual reports, a magazine mount or even a collectible item.

The impact of the Biz-Card is already apparent in the US, and finding wider circulation here in the UK. Most large blue chip companies distribute cards after conferences and seminars as well as using them to enhance staff training initiatives.

Cost effective, innovative, informative, efficient and convenient, the Biz-Card grabs attention. It has less chance of being lost beneath a pile of paper, and is more likely to be shown to other people because of the novelty factor. Biz-Cards can carry more than just contact information.

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Mouse Mats

Custom printed from your own personal photo, picture or logo: -

  • Hard-Top Mouse mat
  • Size: 235 x 200 mm (Rectangular), 200mm (Round)
  • Printing: 4-Colour Process (CMYK)
  • Foam Base: 3mm
  • U.K. Manufactured
  • Lead Time 3-5 working days
  • Optical Mouse Compatible
  • Non-Slip Backing
  • Durable wipe clean PVC surface
  • Hard-Top mats much more durable than paper laminated mats

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Postcard Discs

A personal postcard, with the interactive possibilities of a digital storage device.

Light weight, small in size (Royal Mail standard letter size, for the lowest postage fees), attractive, unique and incredible value. Postcard discs offer a huge range of possibilities for all types of promotions and are the ideal linkage of digital content with classic direct marketing techniques.

Postcard discs can be used with CDs, DVDs, 8cm mini CD/DVDs or Bizcards. The postcards are printed full colour on the front (either silk screen or offset litho) and then black and white on the reverse. If you require colour printing on the reverse then please ask us for a quote.

The image on the disc matches up with the image on the front of the postcard, creating a uniform picture. A transparent adhesive film is used to secure the disc during mailing; a small tab allows its easy removal by the recipient. The disc can always be replaced on the card, pressed onto a central button, without use of the adhesive.

Applications of the postcard disc in direct marketing and retail include:

  • Tourism
  • Press Kit
  • Fairs
  • Demo Software and Updates
  • Product Presentations
  • Product Catalogue
  • Christmas Card with Gift
  • New Customer Acquisition

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Eco Packaging - Jakebox

Jakebox is a new, award-winning eco-friendly packaging concept for CD, DVD, BluRay and other discs. Its most significant characteristic is the folded "claw" that holds the disc, and in an eye-catching way unfolds itself, presenting the disc, lifting it up and making it easily accessible.

It's as eco friendly as it gets, made of 100% recyclable or even recycled carton board or paper, and always printed with vegetable inks. It weighs a third of the traditional plastic packaging, thereby cutting shipping and storage costs by more than half, and doesn’t break if you drop it.

The Jakebox offers unlimited design options, and also comes in a range of unprinted or generic printed versions.

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Conference Wallets

Conference Wallet - C5 Size

Frosty Clear
Disc Slot
Holds, booklets, leaflets, vouchers etc. securely.

Conference Wallet - DL Size

Frosty Clear
Disc Slot
Biz Card Slot
Holds, booklets, leaflets, vouchers etc. securely.

Rugged yet stylish these clear polypropylene packs are ideal for holding booklet, inserts, discs and business cards. Capable of holding multiple leaflets securely – no spilling out all over the floor. Robust and durable the frosty clear wallet pack can withstand the trauma of events keeping your printed documents safe, unscratched and visible!!

Conference Wallet - 4pg Square

Document Storage Slot
Disc Slot
Printed Card
High Quality Design

Bottle Neck Promo Wallet

Fully printable both sides
Holds Biz Card CD or DVD.
Great as Conference gift or drink promotion

Great presentation products ideal for promotions, conferences and trade shows.

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