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CD & DVD Replication

For high volume orders (1000+ discs) replication is generally the most cost effective solution. Definitive Media is a manufacturer in both CD & DVD in-house, enabling us to supply some jobs in as little as 4 working days. Upon receipt of your master, it is sent to Glass Mastering from which a stamper is made - an exact copy of your master. This stamper is then used on injection moulding lines to create replica discs - so your discs are made with the content already on them. Available discs formats include:

  • CD-ROM
  • DVD5, DVD9, DVD10, DUAL DISC (DVD one side - CD the other)
  • Blu-ray 25, Blu-ray 50 (Double Layer)
  • Mini Discs (8cm) - CD-ROM, DVD5, DVD9
  • Business Card Discs, Custom Shaped - CD-ROM 35Mb, 50Mb

The discs are then coated with a protective lacquer and quality tested before having the artwork printed on them. Replicated discs can be Litho, Screen or Digitally printed with your artwork. Our friendly team will help to advise you on the best print option based on the nature of your artwork.

Lead-time for replicated disc is 5-12 working days depending on quantity and packaging, so contact us now, we are ready to help you with your replication project.

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CD & DVD Duplication

For small run orders, or when a fast turnaround is needed, duplication is the perfect solution. At our London Offices, we have the capacity to print & duplicate around 2000 units in a day if required. As standard, we use high quality 'Taiyo Yuden' blank discs to duplicate ('burn') your master content onto, using 10-bay dupe towers or auto loading duplication machines. Available discs formats include:

  • CD-R, CD-RW
  • DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, Dual -Layer DVD
  • Blu-ray BD-R
  • Mini Discs (8cm) - CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+RW
  • Business Card Discs - CD-R 30Mb, 50Mb & 60Mb

Prior to duplication, the discs are printed on with your artwork. Printing methods available for duplicated discs include Litho, Screen, Digital, Thermal and Inkjet.

Lead-time for duplicated discs can be very quick (4hrs) if needed, but is usually 1-4 days (depending on quantity and packaging) - contact us now, we are ready to help you with your duplication project.

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Print and Packaging

Definitive Media offers the full spectrum of printing solutions:

Inkjet printing is used for low volume runs. It is the same process as a standard desktop printer. The ink prints directly to the face of the disc and is great for full colour designs, though it is recommended that only limited areas of block colours are used. Water-resistant discs can be used which give a glossy finish and allow colours to show more vibrantly.

Silk Screen printing is a stencil printing process, where ink passes through unblocked areas of a mesh to produce an image. Silk screen printing uses colour-separated films, a different screen is produced for each film and each colour is printed onto the CD/DVD surface. The ink is pushed through the mesh by squeegee onto the discs top. The UV light then applied on top of the disc.

A silk screen print is usually 85 - 100 lpi (lines per inch). The quality of the print is high and used as standard for greyscale images, very bright images, metallic images or spot colour jobs.

Litho / Offset / Digital print is the best CD print quality available at 150-175 lpi. There are 4 separate colours (CMYK). The inks are applied onto the disc top by rollers. Litho/Offset print is able to show smaller text and details of an image smoothly and clearly. Photographic images, skin tones, full colour graphics and text are all improved with this print option.

The amount of background tones required for an acceptable screen print is 50%+ colour per C.M.Y.K. separation. Litho should print tones down to approx. 3%.

Once your media has been printed on, the right type of packaging can really help to enhance your products. From printed CShells, CD/DVD cases and card wallets to bespoke boxes, tins and eco-friendly packaging, we can provide the perfect solution to fit your needs:

So whatever your packaging requirements, we can offer solutions at competitive pricing, call us now, we are ready to help you with your project.

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Definitive Media can deliver cost effective, hassle free solutions for professional DVD, CD, Online and High Definition media production services.

We can provide a multitude of services to satisfy your production requirements. We work from initial conception through development, to managing your production, packaging and fulfilment. Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience of the digital media and marketing communications industry combined with a fresh and innovative approach to project delivery.

Our authoring services include:

  • Audio / Visual Encoding
  • DVD / CD Authoring
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design

For those who require guidance and direction on producing a compelling and persuasive product, our consultants can provide a realistic strategy.

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Vinyl Pressing

Vinyl records are still very much a format in demand. Definitive Media offers a quality vinyl manufacture service with a full range of vinyl pressing, packaging and cutting options available. Test pressing, 7", 10", 12", Heavy, Coloured, Etched and Picture Discs. From mastering to the delivery of final products, Definitive Media’s expertise in vinyl disc copying covers the entire production chain (mastering, pressing, DTP, printing, packaging and shipping).

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Point of Sale & Graphics

Good communication, good problem solving, awareness of the market and an excellent all-round service are the hallmarks of a good POS supplier and we at Definitive Media believe our team has these and much more.

The team includes a Print Manager, Graphic & Fabrications Designer and Visual Solutions Coordinator, each with 20 plus years experience in their fields and each particularly receptive to the challenging requirements of our clients. With a flexible and accommodating approach they have produced excellent work over the years, some of which is featured below:

Display Solutions - Printing on various substrates from PVC to foamex, we can cover any project. From posters to hoardings, the breadth of technology available to us means that we are flexible enough to provide any display solution.

Putting the emphasis on high levels of service, accountability and commitment, coupled with the best appropriate technology available, Definitive Media will always strive to achieve your requirements in whichever field of graphics, print or point of sale you need. Working together, building strong bonds with the client, in an effort to achieve a perfect end result in a varied and challenging industry.

Very quick turn round, short run or personalisation, the quality of digital print has improved enormously in the last few years and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between Digi and Litho print. With the ability to print SRA2 (for posters or oversize A4 folders with pocket for example) and have all the print finishing done under one roof, we can provide a wide range of solutions for exhibitions, conferences, brochures or pitch documents and a convenient one stop or bespoke service.

Outdoor Advertising specialist JC Decaux produce a number of short run high colour brochures for client pitches and these are usually produced “on demand.” However, an end of year review to present to their major Blue Chip clients demanded something a bit special. Our team produced a number of personalised, bespoke, hardback cover, bound brochures, highlighting their beautifully photographed display sites around London and the major cities.

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3-D Imaging

All companies need marketing of one sort or the other so in the highly competitive world of commerce, gimmicks often give an advantage that can keep your company in everyone's mind longer than conventional methods.

Step up 3-D images - proper 3-D photos images and graphic designs can give the extra impact to make you logo, product or services literally STAND OUT!!

Find a pair of 3D glasses or email us for a pair at enquiries@definitivemediauk.com and look at the image below of a physicist's 3D representation of the event horizon:

...true 3D imaging will have depth and parallax (image surroundings move when you do).

Look at the ‘LOVERS’ statue @ St Pancras Station.......

With the right choice of image you can make a powerful impact. Best applications include:-

  • Large 3D posters for Trade Shows & Conferences
  • On the disc surface of show reels in a case with the glasses.
  • 3D Animated sequences for websites

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